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office partitions

prefabricated, so time saving

Our office floor partition system
gives you an elegant, efficient solution.
It provides a smart segmentation
of any existing office floor space.
The modules are "prefab",
so mountingwill be very economical and time saving.


great variety in design, colours etc...

You can choose out of a very wide range of materials, colours, and decorations,
The partitioning elements consist out of a steel structure.

These structures fix the modules between floor and ceiling. Due to this simple but sturdy "anchoring" method, the partition can be dismounted and relocated easily and anytime. In this way your office layout can be changed, or dismantled without any visible damage.


modular options

The front partition itself offers you optional full, window- , and door-type modules.
ofcourse these can be simply changed or combined. Your new working space can be completed with furniture, fully compatible with the interior partition.

Please contact your consultant Marko Kovac or just contact us to obtain our catalogue.